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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Second Walk - An Overview

Invigourated by my success yesterday, I returned to the park today. Surprising how close the entrance is - once I got used to walking, and can find it without getting lost.

Today, I headed to a small hollow, well off the main trail. It appears to be popular with the high school or college kidz. It is

  • Accessorised by a nice rope swing - with an intense action.
  • Next to a swampy area, good for disposal of material.
  • Remote, and not easily found.

This location is actually where I got started picking up trash, long ago. The first time I wandered into it, it was apparently being used by kidz who lived nearby, for frequent overnight parties. I returned, over the next week, and hauled out a dozen or so bags of trash.

I go back there a couple times / month, and generally haul out 2 or 3 bags of trash, each time. Today was no exception.

The closest trash cans, to the party hollow, are in a picnic area in the north half of the park. This area is next to the main trail, but well distanced from the north parking area, and itself quite popular with the kidz. This is where I take many of the posed shots of the finds, just before I dispose of them.

This remote picnic area is a favourite of mine, for one big reason - it has the best water faucet in the park. This faucet, next to the main trail, is very popular with walkers, and with folks walking their dogs. It actually has more pressure than my shower, at home (that is, regretfully, not saying as much about the park water, as about my home).

Any time I wander thru the remote sections of the park, I find it a very good idea to wash all portions of my arms and legs as thoroughly as possible. I am allergic, as many are, to poison ivy. I once learned, the hard way, that there is a lot of poison ivy in the park.


At Wednesday, June 21, 2006, Blogger Skanky Jane said... this trash collecting behaviour has long since become a habit! I didn't realise - but now that I do it lends another dimension to my reading. I am still laughing at the 'Miller Sisters' and the 'attention to current events' - hysterical. Those three chics lined up look rather good actually (love the red & yellow combo) and look almost as if they should be singing a motown tune. 'The high life' indeed!

It's a great service you do - fancy spoiling such a place as your local park. It seems a really special 'natural' escape - lucky it is still around.

I was gobsmacked once when visiting one of this state's most beautiful coastal locations to find a take-away setting for four left upon one of the many large flat rocks lining the shore. Complete with drink bottles, plastic knives, forks and take away food containers the picknickers had simply shared a meal in this otherwise pristine environment, wiped thier mouths (soiled napkin evidence), and walked away.... Astounding.

Thanks for the note this morning - I keep forgetting to put the 'au' on the end of my email addy. I think when I set up that email account I selected 'Aussie content' or some such thing and now when I sign in to various places I keep leaving the suffix off - quite maddening really.

Today I am off to my studio!

Have a good one!



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