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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First Walk - An Overview

Previously, a typical walk at Hidden Lakes Park would involve me driving to the park, walking the main trail that circles around the lakes, back to my car, and drive home. This would be a typical 1 hour or so.

Today, motivated by $3.50 / gallon petrol, I walked to the park. Maybe 10 minutes each way - not at all hard to take. But the normal 1 hour circular route turned in to 2 hours. Why?

Lots of photo opportunities. I tried to balance my photo technique:

  • Background shots of the park.
  • Shots of sites where people, and trash, accumulates.
  • Various bits of trash, in their "natural" setting (as left there by the idiots).
  • Posed and unposed closeups of the trash, for inventory. Note: the volume of trash collected far exceeds the interesting assortments shown by Jane.

Either Jane takes very short urban walks, or she lives in a far cleaner city.

Or maybe it's the variety of amenities at the park.

  • Picnic areas.
  • Trails, paved and unpaved.
  • A large lake, with fish and ducks.
  • A running track.
  • On the north west park boundary, a public (elementary) school.

You can see all of the park, from the Google aerial view. The Internet - what a way to show your neighbourhood to the world!

Each of those areas attract different types of visitors, judging by the trash found.


At Wednesday, June 21, 2006, Blogger Skanky Jane said...


That is a terriffic slurpee container - reminds me of this work by local artist - only he used a bubble tea container - whereas 'slurpee' - well it kinda seaks volumes don't it?

Andrew Best:

check it out - maybe you could 'intervene' with your found slurpee container - I think that would be a gas!



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