Martinez CA Park Walk

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First Walk - The Finds

  • A Slurpee cup - clear plastic with the distinctive domed lid - in its "natural" habitat. I could only get so close - didn't want to disturb it.
  • Its nearby companion - a soiled hand towel.

  • The Slurpee cup.
  • Unidentified document - thick and brittle.
  • Soiled hand towel - what are the brown stains? Yuck.
  • Broken beer bottle. The kidz love to smash beer bottles around these picnic tables.
  • Unidentified candy wrapper.

  • Bits of napkins and a snack container found near the school.

  • Two papers - maybe somebodys homework?

Here's an assortment.

  • The top off a bait container - fishermen garbage.
  • A small Slurpee cup - paper.
  • An unidentified candy wrapper.
  • Cardboard and plastic bags.
  • A large cardboard box - fishermen garbage.

  • This was nasty. An Ace gauze bandage - used - in several pieces. I picked it up using an empty bag as a glove - it went straight into the bag, and the trash.

Another assortment.

  • Bottled water.
  • Unidentified beverage cup.
  • Fishermen garbage - a couple tackle bags / labels. Matches, and a few cig butts.
  • Receipt from a nearby Safeway grocery.
  • A Subway napkin.
  • A California icon - Provolone cheese zip-loc bag. Haute cuisine.
  • Miscellaneous generic napkins.


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